Blood Knot: Closing

Yesterday was the last performance of Blood Knot. It was such a successful event. I feel so satisfied with the experience and I'm very proud of my BK team; actors Brandon Drea and Terrell Donnell Sledge and Stage Manager Garrett Holtz. It's an experience I will treasure for a long long time to come. I hope to interact with this play again in the future. Thank you to everyone who came to support. 

Okay...on to the next!!!


Graduation News!

Okay. I just found out some great news leading up to Graduation. I have been nominated and chosen for a Commencement Honor. I will be representing all Master's students at the University ceremony. This is what is called being a symbolic degree candidate. The Brown Graduate School sends one Ph.d. student and one Master's student to the ceremony. Both are acknowledged on the platform in front of the president of the university, Corporation members and a sea of students and family members. I'm touched and honored because I was submitted to a nomination process, and I was selected. 

When applying to the program three years ago, I would have never imagined such a distinction and it's a pleasure to represent the Master's students and my colleagues. 


Motif Award Nominations 2010!

Here's some fun news!

Two productions I worked on last year were nominated for a Motif Theatre Award.

My thesis production of Woyzeck was nominated for Best College Production.

My Summer Rep production of Dogs of the Blue Gods was nominated for Best Summer Stock Production.


It's really an honor to be recognized. For more information go here: Motif Theatre Award


Blood Knot: A Studio Project...Poster!


Blood Knot: A Studio Project

 So I'm weeks away from graduating and in these final weeks, I've chosen to Direct a studio production of Blood Knot by South African playwright Athol Fugard. Because it's considered a class project, it is not being advertised outside of my program but I am happy to share what's going on with me these days.

I was introduced to this play in my first year of graduate school and I knew that I would have to interact with this play again. It is the story of two South African brothers living together under Apartheid rule. Both brothers are black but one brother is light enough to pass for white. It is a tale of dreams and responsibilities in a world defined by racism. I'm working with a fantastic team and I'm so excited to share our work.


Blood Knot by Athol Fugard (A Brown/Trinity Rep studio project)

Directed by Christopher Windom
With Brandon Drea as Morris and Terrell Donnell Sledge as Zachariah

Garrett Holtz, Stage Manager

Presentation Dates: May 13 @3pm, May 14 @7:30pm, May 15 @4pm