Artistic Associate: Mark Stuart Dance Theatre

I'm finding in the world of arts, one has the chance to wear many hats. I'm a big fan of choreographer Mark Stuart and his company Mark Stuart Dance Theatre. I'm so happy to see the great success his company is achieving. I'm even happier to be able to support Mark and MSDT as the Artistic Associate of the company!

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Congrats to RUINED!

I just found out RUINED has received top honors at the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle’s 2010 Craig Noel Awards for Theatrical Excellence! Here is a run down of the recognition our production received:

Outstanding Direction of a Play
Liesl Tommy, “Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse

Outstanding Sound Design
Broken Chord, “Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse

Outstanding Set Design
Clint Ramos, “Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse

Outstanding Ensemble
“Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse

Outstanding Featured Performance in a Play, Female
Zainab Jah, “Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse

Outstanding Lead Performance in a Play, Female
Tonye Patano, “Ruined,” La Jolla Playhouse


Congratulations to everyone involved with Ruined! I'm so proud to be apart of such a meaningful and lauded production!


RUINED at The Huntington Theatre

For the past week I've been Assistant Directing the production of RUINED directed by Liesl Tommy. I've been helping to maintain the integrity of the original staging concept of the show which ran last month at La Jolla Playhouse.

RUINED has transfered very very nicely from La Jolla Playhouse in California to The Huntington Theatre in Boston. The set and props, costumes, lighting, music and sound, the wonderful cast of actors, the powerful text and Liesl Tommy's amazing directing come together at The Huntington and makes a great impact. Everyday I find myself so humbled to interact with such cohesive GREATNESS! If you're in the Boston area I hope you can see this thoughtful production. Let me know what you think!


Below are a couple of news spots about the production. Click the images for more information:

Carla Duren and Pascale ArmandTonye Patano and Carla Duren



Ruined by Lynn Nottage at La Jolla Playhouse

Today I began rehearsals for a production of Ruined, a pulitzer prize winning play by Lynn Nottage. It will begin performances in November at La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. It is a production being directed by Liesl Tommy. I'm assisting Liesl and I couldn't be more proud and more excited to be apart of this journey. Today was a meet and greet with the I had the privilege to be in the room with very gifted and talented talented artists.

This is my news. I feel so fortunate and grateful. More to come. 

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It's opening day (which means we have two shows today - a matinee and an evening show). I just walked into the Royal Theatre here in downtown Macon and outside there are busloads of theatre patrons. (Mostly in red hats and purple.) A big smile spread across my face thinking about our show they've come to see and the big KICK I hope they will get from seeing our production. 

So excited about my cast:

Regina Harbour as Vivian Snustad

Dawn Trautman as Karin Engelson

Karen (real Karen) Pappas as Mavis Gilmerson

Laurie Sutton as Signe Engelson

Kevin Albert as The Pastor Gunderson

We also have Todd J. Davison as Music Director and Jason Baskin on Percussion.

Laura Walters is our Stage Manager.


So happy to be open and to share our show with an audience! I will miss this group.

Now it's back to NYC and on to the next!