Rachel Chavkin's Tony Award acceptance speech got my attention. 

“I wish I wasn’t the only woman directing a musical on Broadway this season. There are so many women that are ready to go. There are so many artists of color who are ready to go. And we need to see that racial diversity and gender diversity reflected in our critical establishment too. This is not a pipeline issue. It is a failure of imagination by a field who’s job is to imagine the way the world could be. So let’s do it.”

 -Rachel Chavkin; Director, 2019 Tony Award Winner. 




Theater Mitu: GRAPEFRUIT

We are deep in the world of GRAPEFRUIT, a Theater Mitu's expeansion project. Tech rehearsals have been the most fascinating process and I feel fortunate to have an inside peek into the creative landscape of Theatre Mitu. Click the pic below to learn more about the production and to buy tickets.



The Public Theatre's Mobile Shakespeare Unit: The Tempest

This past week I was invited to join the creative team of Mobile Shakespeare's production of The Tempest, directed by Laurie Woolery. It's a stroke of fortune for me, mostly for the chance to be in the room with a meaningful purpose, and to be with wactors and artists whom I admire greatly. On April 4, The Tempest will go on a three-week tour to all five boroughs of NYC. Their final stop will be The Public Theatre's Astor Place home with performances starting April 29th until May 19. More information in the link below:


Theater Mitu: GRAPEFRUIT

I'm getting excited for my next project. A chance to collaborate in a familar way...through performance. I'll share more detailed details as they come, but just know that I'm looking forward to this thrilling adventure that lies ahead.


JagFest 3.0

Two weeks ago I was in White River Junction, Vermont participating in a newly blooming black theatre festival. JAG Productions has production JAGFest theatre festival and they are celebrating their third year. It was a thrilling week, being secluded in the winter landscape of rural Vermont, among actors, directors, and writers, giving shape to new pieces of theatre, and giving voice to pieces that have not yet had an audience. I was invited by Kirya Traber (writer) and Sissi Lui (composer/lyricist) to direct their musical-in-development, IF THIS BE SIN. A bio-musical based on legendary performers, Gladys Bentley. I’ve learned so much this week about lesbian identity, same sex relationships, and the questions trans-identifying people often carry within them.