Theater Mitu: GRAPEFRUIT

I'm getting excited for my next project. A chance to collaborate in a familar way...through performance. I'll share more detailed details as they come, but just know that I'm looking forward to this thrilling adventure that lies ahead.


JagFest 3.0

Two weeks ago I was in White River Junction, Vermont participating in a newly blooming black theatre festival. JAG Productions has production JAGFest theatre festival and they are celebrating their third year. It was a thrilling week, being secluded in the winter landscape of rural Vermont, among actors, directors, and writers, giving shape to new pieces of theatre, and giving voice to pieces that have not yet had an audience. I was invited by Kirya Traber (writer) and Sissi Lui (composer/lyricist) to direct their musical-in-development, IF THIS BE SIN. A bio-musical based on legendary performers, Gladys Bentley. I’ve learned so much this week about lesbian identity, same sex relationships, and the questions trans-identifying people often carry within them.



Today is opening day. I'm excited to finally share our production with audiences. The cast and crew, stagemanagement team, design team, teachers and mentors have been energizing and resourceful. I'm gald to be surrounded by the eager spirit of young artists striving to make their dreams comes true, craving the experience of what only a life in theatre can offer. If only I had a crystal ball! I would love to see what creative paths they will walk on their journey in this artistic industry. It's hard to say goodbye, but first, I'll celebrate the work and dedication they've poured into our produciton of Fabulition: Or, The Re-Education of Undine, by Lynn Nottage.

If you're in the Philadelphia area, make a plan to see the show!



Today begins the first week of rehearsal for FABULATION. We've gathered as a company of actors, designers and stage management, and already it's feeling like a fulfilling process. I'm looking forward to the meet & greet, design presentations, sitting down to table-work, and all of the hard work that will get us to opening night. 



My list of New Year goals haven't changed over the last five years. 

-Read for pleasure

-Drink plenty of water


-Spend time outdoors

-Get a good night's sleep

Pretty much a standard self-care check-list of everyday goals. I have a few new roads to pave this year and this list will be more important than ever in helping me to remember to stay the course. Althought the daily routine has alternating runs of hits and misses throughout the year, but perfection is not the aim. This is an exercise in awareness. Daily achievements that help me keep on the path of being my best artistic, and personal, self.

These are some everyday goals I'll apply as I start FABULATION rehearsals next week. I'm SO very excited to reuite with my cast and design team. This is a fun show to direct.

Happy 2019!