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Kid Victory - Carry On

It's a funny feeling, one I never anticipated having as a director/choreographer, and it usually comes up around this time during the run of a show.

After a rigorous rehearsal, tech and previews, the show opens, and I travel home --- usually the morning after opening. The actors and stage management team are more than ready to carry on and maintain the show until closing. I travel away, but a part of me stays with the production...in spirit. It's a funny feeling to feel like I'm here in New York and in Arlington, in spriit, at the same time. 

Kid Victory: View From A Tech Table

I carry on, taking steps toward my next projects. And the show, as perfect as I'd left it, carries on too. Today I'm thinking about the company as they tell the story of Kid Vick with grace and care night after night. 


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